Delta Insurance Consultants

The company was founded and has been active in the Insurance Mediation since 2013, providing its clients, individuals and companies, with high quality insurance services. This is achieved through the method of Financial Planning, i.e. analyzing current financial needs, studying and designing insurance packages, according to the needs and financial possibilities of the person concerned. Through this approach, current financial and insurance dangers can be addressed.

Delta Insurance Consultants company has secured its cooperation with most and the largest insurance companies in Greece but also with insurance companies abroad, in order to be able to suggest the best possible solutions that are compatible with the insurance and financial needs of its clients.

The aim of the company is continuous development and growth, in order to ensure that it is at the forefront of the profession of Insurance mediations. by providing insurance advice and services to its current clients that have appreciated the value and services of the company since it was founded, but also to the future generations of clients.

The founder of the company is Loukas Darzentas, a Certified Insurance and Financial Consultant from the Bank of Greece, registered to the Professional Chamber of Athens, member of the Hellenic Financial Planning Association (H.F.P.A) and certified by University of Piraeus as Financial Planner. He was born and raised in Athens where he studied Shipping and Transports (BSc) with a specialty in Marine Insurance and Marine Law, in English. He completed his studies in Shipping at an MSc level abroad (United Kingdom), doing his specialization on Shipping, Shipping Insurance and International Marine Trade.