Delta Insurance Consultants

About us

Since 2013, Delta Insurance Consultants has been active in Insurance Mediation, providing its clients, individuals and corporates, high-quality Insurance Services. Our company has ensured cooperation with more than 40 Insurance Companies in Greece, but also with International Insurance Companies, in order to offer the best possible insurance solutions for you, after analyzing your insurance and financial needs. At the same time, through our collaborations, we are able to offer you complete insurance services for your needs.

The goal of our company is the continuous evolution and development, providing insurance advice and services to both our existing and potential clients. Our vision at Delta Insurance Consultants is to meet your needs and wants, being able to offer you alternative solutions, ideal for you, combining the best coverage at the lowest possible premiums.

Also, our company uses the method of Financial Planning. Financial Planning concerns the study and analysis of modern insurance needs, the design of insurance coverage according to the special needs and financial possibilities, designed for each of you. In this way, the current insurance and financial risks that mainly concern individuals can be handled.

The founder of the company is Darzentas Loukas. Born and raised in Athens where he studied Shipping & Transports (BSc) with a specialization in Maritime Insurance and Maritime Law, in English. He then completed his studies in Shipping at MSc level abroad (UK), specializing in Shipping, Maritime Insurance and International trade by sea. He started his career as an Insurance Consultant for an exclusive network, while a few years later he became independent, expanding his cooperation with most and the largest insurance companies in Greece and abroad.

  • Certified Insurance & Financial Consultant by The Bank Of Greece
  • Registered at the Piraeus Chamber of Tradesmen with General Registry Number 126750503000 and Special Registry Number 1760.
  • Member of Hellenic Financial Planning Association H.F.P.A
  • Member of the international organization MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) aka The Premier Association of Financial Professionals
  • Member of MDRT MCC Hellas 2019 – 2020
  • Financial Planning certifications level SQF3 – SQF4 from EFICERT (European Financial Certification Organization)
  • Member of the EIAS Alumni (Hellenic Institute Insurance Studies) where he attends various seminars every year