Marine Insurance Services


Through our collaboration with international, reliable and specialized insurance companies in the field of vessel insurance, at Delta Insurance Consultants we can provide complete cover for mechanical damages – shaft damage – Hull & Machinery (H&M) for any type of ship:

  • Tankers
  • Gas Carriers
  • Containers
  • Bulk Carriers
  • Tugboats
  • Passenger ships
  • Cruise ships
  • General Cargo Vessels
  • LNG
  • LPG
  • Reefers

Delta Insurance Consultants also collaborates with most P&I (Protection & Indemnity Clubs) (IGP&I), that covers about 90% of worldwide tonnage. We are involved with the most competitive and pioneering specialists, to ensure the best possible insurance coverage for our clients. We can provide coverage such as:

  • Liability of ship-owner/ charterer’s liability
  • Environmental Responsibility – Pollution
  • Collision
  • Damage/loss of cargo
  • Damage to piers and other fixed or floating means
  • Quarantine
  • Damage to property of the insured vessel
  • Crew mutiny
  • Repatriation of the crew and replacement
  • Wreck Liability
  • Towage / salvage costs
  • General Average Contribution
  • War risks
  • K & R
  • FD & D

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It is a fact that one of the most critical and sensitive points of a shipping company is the crew that travels with its ships, which is a cornerstone of the labor force of a shipping company. Unlike a group insurance that is offered voluntarily to the employees of a shipping company, in the case of the crew, the ship-owner has liability towards to crew members.

The fact that there is no social security covering seafarers while they are at sea, forces the ship-owner to undertake the costs that may arise from an accident, illness or loss of life to a crew member.

For this reason, insurance cover has been created especially for crew coverage, that complements P&I coverage, that can cover expenses up to the club’s deductible (insurance below the deductible).

Indicative cover provided to crew insurance:

  • Loss of life from an accident/illness
  • Permanent partial/total disability
  • Hospital care
  • Outpatient care
  • Repatriation
  • Coverage of replacement costs
  • Corpse transport
  • Expenses of the deceased
  • Accident/illness pay

At Delta Insurance Consultants, through our expanded cooperation with insurance companies providing crew insurance, we can propose the right insurance policy to meet your needs.

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Yacht Insurance

Nothing compares with a ride on the sea or vacation by boat with our people. For lovers of the sea and yachting, we can provide the appropriate insurance for your yacht, in collaboration with leading insurance companies in Greece and internationally. Thus, at Delta Insurance Consultants, we are able to cover a wide range of special requirements of yacht insurance that our clients may have, regardless of the size and type of boat they have.

According to law 4256 Government Gazette 92 / 14-4-2014, Yacht Insurance is mandatory regarding the coverage of Third Party Liability and Marine Pollution. The yacht is covered for the duration of the insurance policy, whether it is moored or offshore.

Indicative cover provided for Yacht Insurance:

  • Mechanical Damage – Shaft Damage – Propeller Damage (Hull & Machinery)
  • Insurance with agreed or market value
  • Own damages
  • Third Party Liability (P&I cover)
  • Liability extention to tenders – water toys – jet ski etc
  • War Risks
  • Personal accident
  • Personal Owner’s Responsibility
  • Crew cover
  • Urban Responsibility for Water Sports
  • Legal protection
  • Insurance of content & valuable personal items
  • Theft
  • Total/ partial loss
  • Damages from uninsured vessels

At Delta Insurance Consultants, through our cooperation with reliable and specialized insurance companies in the field of yacht and ships for marine insurance, we provide coverage on any type of boat (Yacht, Mega Yacht etc) whether it is intended for private or professional use. We give you the opportunity to choose the right insurance plan for you and your boat, covering from your basic – mandatory needs to the most modern insurance needs.

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Each shipyard, depending on its facilities, can accommodate a large number of ships and/ or boats either to be repaired, maintained or built. Also, the driving force of each yard in the human force in order for every project to be completed. In addition to the safety measures that a shipyard is required to undertake, it is also necessary to secure an insurance coverage, either of its own facilities or for damage to third parties.

Indicative cover provided:

  • Loss / damage to the ship
  • Cargo loss / damage
  • Loss / damage to the ship’s machinery or equipment
  • Removal of a shipwreck
  • Loss or damage to third party property
  • Installation / equipment / machines
  • Shipyard facilities coverage
  • Liability to third parties for damage / personal injury

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A long coastline which is due to its geographical position in the Mediterranean, makes our country an ideal place for the passage of hundreds of merchant ships every day. These factors also contribute to the increase of tourism and the transfer of visitors by passenger ships – cruise ships as well as private boats.
Each port or marina management organization, in order to become more competitive, offers services to users, carries out works to make it easier to access, but also has to take safety measures. Such a means of security which at the same time adds an advantage, is the Third party Liability insurance.

Also, each managing body, by insuring the marina or the port, also secures its balance sheet because it can be insured against a possible risk that it would otherwise be called to cover with own funds.

Indicative covers provided:

  • All-risk port and marina facilities (such as plant cover from natural phenomena – loss of profits)
  • Port construction risk insurance
  • Third Party Liability / Third Party Liability Coverage (Pollution – Physical Damage – Material Damage – Accidental Events – Loss of Profits)
  • Removal of a shipwreck
  • Products transfer
  • General Liability coverage
  • Coverage of owned boats
  • Coverage of power supply

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Download here our marine section brochure.