Securing your smile


One of the features that leaves an impression on us when we first meet someone is his smile. Smile and healthy denture is something that shapes our first impression as soon as we get to know someone and we are left with a picture. It is what often gives away our emotions.  Through the need of people to ensure a beautiful and healthy smile, special coverings were created dedicated to the smile and denture insurance.

How the contract works:
Every year the dental insurance policy is in effect, the cover capital of each insured goes up, starting from € 1,500 and up to € 5,000 in order to cover an increasing amount for dental or orthodontic care that may be needed. The insured person can choose which dentist he will visit, within a large network of doctors in Athens – Thessaloniki and the region, following a telephone contact with a special coordinating center.

Free dental benefits:

  • Dental Diagnostic check-up
  • Orthodontic check-up
  • Dental cleaning
  • Treatment of an extraordinary and painful incident
  • Tooth fillings
  • Fluorination and removal of plaque
  • Baby tooth extraction
  • Certificate of dental hygiene

Dental benefits with participation:
Through extra participation by the insured, it generally covers dental care, orthodontic services, prosthetic services by protistologist, mobile dentures, endodontics, dental surgeries, periodontal operations etc.

What capitals are covered for dental -orthodontic operations:
The cover capital goes up every year that we have our contract in place. The initial cover capital for the first year is 1,500€ and can reach up to 5,000€.

How much does it cost:
The insurance premiums for dental insurance coverage start at 150€ per year per person. For families, there are special rates and discounts to cover all its members.

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Could dental insurance be embedded in a health insurance policy?
There are insurance companies that, along with hospital coverage, also have dental services. For more information click here.