Group Insurance Plans


With group insurance, an enterprise can cover all its employees regardless of their state of health and regardless of occupation, duties, age or gender. In this way, the business, in addition to its own economic benefits, actually shows its interest to its employees, as it creates an additional incentive to work.

Group private personnel insurance complements the state insurer where the employer is called upon to pay contributions for his employees (IKA – EOPYY etc) as it upgrades health benefits for the entire personnel.

The company has the ability, through group insurance, to provide all employees with coverings that are tailored to the needs and financial capabilities of the company (tailor made).

Some of the Benefits of Group Insurance of Employees:

  • The insurance of a company’s employees secures the company’s driving force
  • Strengthens employee loyalty and efficiency
  • Possibility to insure all employees, even without their health control, up to 70 years of age
  • Small premium cost per employee
  • Tax exemption for the employer, since a group policy is deducted as an expense of the enterprise (according to the provisions in force)
  • Possibility of differentiating benefits, depending on the level of employees (employees – managers, etc.)
  • Possibility of insurance also of the members of the employee’s family, as covered members
  • Financial support to the employee’s family in case of his or her premature death
  • Coverage of a group insurance is not met in an individual policy
  • Employees can, if they wish, extend their group insurance policy individually, at a very low cost, saving money from their annual expenses
  • Business enterprises offering group insurance to their employees provide advantages over other competitors
  • Works as an extra incentive for employees to work with the business
  • There is great flexibility in terms of benefits – coverage, where they are tailored to the needs of each business
  • Contributes to reducing the costs that an enterprise may have if it has to cover healthcare costs for its employees
  • Improving the relationship between employees and employers

Some of the group insurance covers

  • Loss of life
  • Permanent total / partial disability
  • Wide hospital care for sickness/ accident
  • Hospital/ Surgical Allowance
  • Illness allowance
  • Loss of income
  • Medical expenses related to an accident (in/out of hospital)
  • Childbirth allowance
  • Private visits to doctors
  • Coverage for medicines
  • Coverage of physiotherapies
  • Diagnostic examinations
  • Serious illness allowance
  • Individual coverage according to the needs of the business

Other types of group insurance:

In addition to employees, group insurance can also be done in any other group of people such as:

  • Group students insurance
  • Group insurance of hunting clubs
  • Group insurance of associations of all kinds
  • Group insurance of sports teams
  • Group unions insurance
  • Group crew insurance

At Delta Insurance Consultants we work with most insurance companies in Greece & abroad. In this way we can provide you with the appropriate group insurance for your company’s human resources, according to your own needs.
If there is already a group insurance policy in your business, we have the opportunity to study the coverage that is provided to you and to offer you a more competitive group policy.

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Group Retirement Plans


A company, apart from group health insurance for employees, can also offer group retirement, strengthening the loyalty, efficiency and dedication of employees for a longer time.
Through group retirement, a reliable savings solution is provided for employees and executives, while the company itself achieves tax relief on policy costs, deducting all premiums as expense at the end of the year. Also, through a group pension scheme, it is possible to transfer bonuses to employees with tax privileges.
Thus, a company can attract and retain better, capable executives and staff for longer time.

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