Group Retirment Plans

Group pension plans

The uncertainty and insecurity that characterizes our days, cause concern to all of us. Employees nowadays are overwhelmed with worries about their future and family. With Group Retirement Plans, you and your employees are offered a benefit that will provide you with financial security in the uncertain future. A company, in addition to group health insurance for employees, can also offer a group retirement plan, strengthening the loyalty, efficiency and dedication of employees for a longer period. Through Group Retirement plans, a reliable saving solution is provided for the staff and the executives, while at the same time the company itself achieves tax deduction of the expenses of the policy. According to the existing legislation, all the insurance premiums are deducted as an expense at the end of the year. Also, through a group pension program, there is the possibility to transfer the bonus of employees with tax benefits. Thus, a company can attract and retain better, capable executives and staff for a longer period of time.

Group Retirement Plans offer to the insured financial security upon leaving the program (early or full retirement) or even financial security to the beneficiaries designated by the insured in case of loss of life. In addition, companies choose group retirement plans to offer additional security and financial independence to their staff, but also because they offer investment solutions for higher returns and savings plans with contributions from the employer and the employee – if he so desires.

Advantages of Group Retirement Plans:

  • Maintain control of the company’s financial flows, without the risk of actuarial or other deficits. At the same time, the company retains the ability to redefine the amount of contributions depending on the current economic conditions.
  • Providing significant investment accumulation through high guaranteed returns
  • Providing employees with a strong incentive for retirement savings
  • Flexible in choosing their characteristics so that they best meet the insurance needs of a company’s employees
  • Providing protection to the family of the insured against unexpected risks (death, permanent total disability of the insured)
  • The payment of premiums and benefits is subject to a specific tax treatment
  • Ease of management and transparency in the terms of the program
  • Integration in the business management system resulting in being a powerful development tool for human resource management
  • More competitive interest rates against banks

Insurance companies, having knowledge of the industry, offer modern capital accumulation solutions for the employer’s and/or employee’s contributions. In addition, you are given the right to choose freely as to: the contribution rate, the employer-employee contribution rate and the investment strategy.

Benefits of Group Retirement Plans:


  • It motivates its employees to be more efficient, more committed to the business, as well as creating long-term relationships of trust.
  • Attracts new capable executives
  • There are tax deductibles in the business
  • Possibility to change the frequency and amount of savings
  • Possibility of extra payments


  • Tax benefits based on Law 4172/2013
  • Feels safe knowing that has a group pension plan
  • Social insurance benefits are enhanced when combined with a group private pension
  • Possibility of early redemption
  • He can plan his expenses with less stress

There are two types of Group Retirement Plans:

  1. Guaranteed capital plan

Is addressed mainly to those who wish to ensure and protect their invested capital. The insurance company invests the saved amounts mainly in bonds of high credit rating and guarantees a minimum interest rate annually while repaying to the insured any overpayment. By choosing a guaranteed capital retirement plan, you do not take on any investment risk.

2. Non Guaranteed capital plan – Investment plan

By choosing an investment pension plan, you gain access to higher returns by assuming the corresponding investment risk. You have the opportunity to choose between some strategies that invest in mutual funds.

The coverages contained in a Group Pension Plan vary depending on the insurance company, as well as the program was chosen by the business concerned. At Delta Insurance Consultants we can create the right Group Retirement Plan for you and your employees, based on your needs.

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