Health Insurance & Childbirth Coverage


Many young women and couples who are interested in becoming parents in the future often ask us how childbirth can be covered nowadays, as it is a cover that tends to disappear from health insurance contracts. There are hospital health insurance policies that provide women with either childbirth subsidy (i.e. money after the birth of the child) or cover childbirth itself.

Indicative coverage for policies which also cover childbirth:

  • Hospitalization limits from 300.000€ up to 2.500.000€
  • Hospitalization in private room/ semi-private room
  • Hospitalization expenses/ coverage in Greece and overseas
  • Childbirth subsidy/ cover from 1.500 € up to 15.000 €
  • Doctors’ fees (surgeons – anesthesiologists)
  • Coverage of day clinic – without hospitalization
  • Emergency coverage
  • Exclusive nurse expenses
  • Emergency transportation to hospitals by any means
  • Expenses for out-of-hospital diagnostics
  • Annual Check up
  • Option for pre-birth checkup
  • Free of charge cover of the newborn for one year

How is the insurance premium calculated?
The insurance premium of a policy which includes childbirth is calculated according to the age of the woman, the coverages she wishes, as well as the amount of the childbirth coverage she wishes.For example, for a 27-year-old woman premium starts from 400€ per year, whereas for a 31-year-old woman the premium starts from € 430 per year.

Is there a waiting period for the cover of childbirth?
Usually, the waiting period for the cover of childbirth is 24 months in most policies which provide this cover. Nevertheless, there are some policies that give that cover after 18 months.

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