Health Insurance & Childbirth Coverage


Many young women and couples, who are interested in becoming parents in the future, often ask how childbirth can be covered nowadays, as it is a coverage that tends to disappear from health insurance policies. There are hospital health contracts that provide women with either maternity allowance (ie money after the birth of the child) or cover the birth itself. Also, some health insurance and childbirth coverage policies, cover the complications of pregnancy as well.

We must clarify that Maternity Coverage is not a standalone contract, but it is included as a benefit in a hospital policy. Therefore, if a woman wishes to cover childbirth, should choose a health insurance plan that covers childbirth as well.

Indicative coverages for contracts that also cover childbirth:

  • Coverage of hospital care expenses from € 300,000 up to € 2,500,000
  • Single – double patient room
  • Coverage in Greece and abroad
  • Childbirth allowance / coverage from € 1,500 up to € 13,000
  • Medical fees (doctors – surgeons – anesthesiologists)
  • Possibility of full coverage of expenses (without excess or participation in expenses)
  • Coverage of minor surgeries without hospitalization (day clinic)
  • Coverage of emergencies 24/7
  • Exclusive nurse expenses
  • Urgent transfer for treatment by any available means
  • Expenses for outpatient – diagnostic examinations
  • Possibility to cover prenatal control (diagnostic tests)
  • Possibility of free coverage of the newborn for one year
  • Annual Checkup
  • Coverage of accident expenses etc.

What is the premium for a health insurance and childbirth coverage policy?

The premium of a contract that covers childbirth is calculated according to the age of the woman, the hospital coverage she desires, the type of patient room of hospitalization, the excess (deductible) as well as the amount of childbirth allowance she desires.

Is there a waiting period for maternity coverage?

Usually, the waiting period for childbirth coverage is 24 months in most contracts that provide this benefit. If a couple wishes to have a child soon, it would be wise to have a policy that covers childbirth at least 2 years in advance.

At Delta Insurance Consultants, having secured cooperation with most of the insurance companies that cover Health Insurance, we can advise you on the appropriate insurance policy for you with Childbirth Coverage at the premium you desire. Finally, for those who want higher limits on maternity coverage – hospital care can choose an International Health Insurance Program by clicking here.


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