Health Insurance for Children


The main priority for parents from the moment their child is born is ensuring their child’s future. Every parent, regardless of income, wants the best future and health for their child. As a result, a lot of parents turn to private health insurance in order to guarantee good hospitalization conditions and effective treatment.

What a medical policy for children covers:

  • Hospitalization costs: private room – semi private room
  • Hospital costs in Greece and abroad
  • Medical expenses from 40.000€ up to 2.550.000€
  • Medical fees
  • Costs of escort attendance in case of hospitalization
  • Emergency transportation costs for hospitalization by any means
  • Emergency and Emergency Response
  • Coverage of accidents
  • Coverage of minor surgery without overnight hospitalization
  • Diagnostic tests – visits to doctors
  • Preventive Check Up
  • Coverage of congenital ailments
  • Exemption from payment of insurance premiums in case of incapacity or death of the parent, until the child has reached the legal age

How much does a child’s health insurance cost?

The premium of a child’s health insurance policy depends on the child’s age, the coverage we choose, the participation (deductible) in the costs of hospitalization and the company.

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For those that do not want to make compromises about their child’s health, we have created a Premium health insurance. Click here.