Health Insurance for Children


The primary concern for parents from the moment their child is born is ensuring their child’s future. Every parent, regardless of income, wants the best future and health for their child. As a result, a lot of parents turn to private health insurance in order to guarantee good hospitalization conditions, an effective treatment and quick dealing of an emergency incident.

At Delta Insurance Consultants, due to the extended cooperation we have secured with most and most reliable insurance companies in Greece and abroad, we are able to offer you the appropriate cover you want to cover your child according to your needs.

What a medical policy for children may cover:

  • Medical expenses up to 2.500.000€
  • Costs in private or public hospital in Greece and abroad (worldwide coverage)
  • Hospitalization in private/ semi private room
  • Costs coverage up to 100% (without any deductible)
  • Medical fees
  • Costs of escort attendance in case of hospitalization
  • Emergency transportation costs for hospitalization by any means (airplane – helicopter – boat – ambulance)
  • Emergency incidents 24/7
  • Free of charge doctor visits for emergency incidents 24/7
  • Coverage of accidents
  • Physiotherapy coverage
  • Coverage of minor surgery without overnight hospitalization
  • Coverage for day clinic
  • Coverage for expenses before/ after hospitalization
  • Diagnostic tests – visits to doctors
  • Doctor advice over telephone 24/7
  • Vaccinations – health certificates
  • Preventive Check-Up
  • Coverage of congenital ailments
  • Vision disorders correction
  • Legal protection
  • Rehabilitation & recovery coverage
  • Second doctor opinion expenses
  • Cancer treatment expenses
  • Psychological support expenses
  • Treatment at home expenses
  • Hospital/ surgery subsidy
  • Waiver of payment for future insurance premium in case of disability or death of the parent
  • Coverage from 30 days old up to 18 or 25 (if a student)
  • Family discounts

How much does a child’s health insurance cost?

The premium of a child’s health insurance policy depends on the child’s age, the coverage we choose, the participation (deductible) in the costs of hospitalization and the insurance company. A complete health insurance policy for a child can cost from 15€/ month.

Can someone else, except the parents, issue an insurance policy for a child?

We see often, grandfathers, guardians or other siblings to insure children.

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For those that do not want to make compromises about their child’s health, we have created a Premium health insurance. Click here.