Health Insurance


Undoubtedly, health is the most important thing in our lives, regardless of our financial capacity. A lot of people consider private health insurance a privilege that is owned by a few that have a financial comfort, however this is a false impression.

Private health insurance is being considered by many people as they want to privately insure their health as well their beloved’s health. Recent statistical evidence that is received from insurance companies also supports that an increasing number of people seek private health insurance.

This is occurring because Public health insurance cannot provide health cover from the contributions it is receiving from its insured people through public funds. Due to this, more people turn to private health insurance.

Whilst the public healthcare system has very good doctors, it proves daily that it is lacking in facilities, organization, nursing staff, decent hospitalization conditions and sanitary material, with a risk of inpatient infections, delay in admission to hospital or even not effective handling of an emergency, concerning both adults and children.

Through study and planning, always according to your needs and financial capacity we can take advantage of your public fund (if you have one) and combine it with a private health insurance. This way we provide cover for hospitalization in all private hospitals in Greece and abroad.

As a result, all our clients can have access to a private hospital if needed, therefore not making it a privilege for the few.

What can a health insurance cover:

  • Hospitalization expenses
  • Coverage in Greece and abroad
  • Doctor, surgeon, anesthesiologist fees
  • Plastic surgeon fees, following a surgery
  • Cost of surgery without overnight stay (O.D.C – O. D. S)
  • Coverage for emergency incidents 24 hours a day
  • Cost for transporting the patient to and from hospital with any means of transport
  • Cost for diagnostic tests within a hospital
  • Before and after hospitalization expenses cover
  • Exclusive nurse expenses (adult expenses in case of children hospitalization)
  • Coverage or childbirth
  • Coverage for chemotherapy/radiotherapy
  • Transplant costs
  • Reimbursement in case of hospitalization – surgery – childbirth
  • Bonus for use of a primary insurance institution (state insurance institution)
  • Coverage for accidents
  • Coverage for rehabilitation therapy- physiotherapy
  • Coverage for alternative medicine- speech and language therapy- acupuncture
  • Psychological support costs
  • Second medical opinion costs
  • Payment of health insurance premiums in case of disability
  • In-Home Medical Services
  • Legal costs
  • Annual Check up
  • Endoscopic examination costs
  • Coverage of congenital ailments / pre-existing diseases
  • Coverage duration, lifetime or annual

Everyone can have private health insurance, guaranteeing decent hospitalization, quick and effective ways of dealing with health problems in private hospitals, depending on their needs and financial abilities.

The plans for inpatient treatment start from 50.000€ and can overcome 2.550.000€, depending on the chosen policy.

There are insurance companies that provide health insurance plans and can cover people who have history of serious health conditions, or are facing health problems.

There are two types of health insurance contracts, lifetime health insurance contracts and annual renewable health contracts.
Lifetime contracts usually provide expenses coverage per incident, the terms of the policy cannot be changed since the contract has been issued and usually their premium is significantly higher on their annual anniversary.
On the other hand, annual contracts usually provide expenses coverage per year, they have different coverages than the lifetime contracts, they maintain lower premium on the annual anniversary and the insurance company has the right to change the terms for the next year for the insured people.

There are contracts with deductibles of more than 6.000€ (participation in hospital costs), which are specially created in order to work as an extension of other contracts, supplementary.

The fees are based on age, profession, hobbies, health condition, weight, health history of the insured and whether they are taking any medication etc.

Indicatively premium:

  • 20 years old   500€
  • 30 years old   567€
  • 40 years old   750€
  • 50 years old   920€

Indicatively premium:

  • 20 years old   380€
  • 30 years old   420€
  • 40 years old   560€
  • 50 years old   870€

There are plans for private health insurance for ages over 65, regardless of the contribution to the national health system or not.

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