Home Insurance


For many, to own a house, to create and house a family and their belongings is a lifelong dream. Whether someone buys/builds a house with own capital, or with a mortgage loan, it is necessary to protect his assets from possible dangers, in order to guarantee their future.

At Delta Insurance Consultants, we can properly insure your home and its contents, according to your needs and financial abilities, whether you are just trying to cover your mortgage needs, or you want full cover of your assets.

Moreover, we have the ability to issue a contract for home insurance in any part of Greece, even on the same day, provided that the house fulfills the insurance specifications.

Indicative cover offered for home insurance:

  • Fire – lightning
  • Damage from fire extinguishing
  • Earthquake – building & content
  • Theft
  • Damage from theft
  • Robbery
  • Flood – storm
  • Smoke
  • Snow – hail- ice
  • Shattered glass and mirrors
  • Cost prevention – damage control
  • Expenses for rehousing after an insured damage occurs
  • Loss of rent
  • Terrorist attacks – malicious act
  • Fall of aircraft
  • Fall of trees – lamppost
  • Vehicle crash
  • Underinsurance

What is the cost of home insurance?

Many people consider home insurance something very expensive, however, that is a false impression.

  • Indicative premiums of full coverage (with earthquake cover) for a home of 100m2, date of construction 1980, in Attica, starts from 90€/ semi-annually
  • Indicative premiums of home insurance, that has a bank loan and the owners want a more economical insurance cover, with the same covers that the bank requires for a loan capital of 80,000€, starts from 80€/year.

Can someone only insure the contents of their home?

It is not compulsory to insure the building in order to insure the contents of a home. Consequently, if someone wishes to insure only the contents, they can purchase only that cover.

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For the owners of luxury homes, for owners of rare collections and valuable objects, who wish to have full coverage of their assets without compromises, we have created the Premium Class Insurance for home insurance.