Premium Boat & Yacht Insurance


Nothing compares to a ride in the sea or a holiday with our friends and family on a boat. For lovers of the sea and yachting, we can provide the appropriate insurance for your boat in cooperation with Greek and foreign insurance companies to cover the full range of special requirements our customers may have, regardless of the size and type of yacht they have.

Indicative Premium insurance covers:

  • Third party liability, for property damage and personal injury
  • Sea pollution
  • H&M – P&I
  • Large insurance limits
  • Cover of own damages
  • Insurance & Compensation in agreed values, even without the possible reduction in the yacht value
  • Coverage of content, artwork, personal items on board
  • Coverage of personal items of occupants and/ or crew
  • Coverage of mechanical failures
  • Coverage of replacement boat rental costs in case of damage
  • Full coverage of newly acquired vessels and/ or auxiliary vessels of the insured person
  • Capability for global cruise coverage
  • Cover from uninsured vessels
  • Coverage during transport
  • Expenses for research & rescue
  • Exceptional medical assistance to insured & occupants
  • Coverage of boat’s liability
  • Water Sports Coverage
  • Legal expenses cover