Premium Collection Insurance


Premium Collection Insurance has been created to provide cover for every collection of items in order to satisfy even our most demanding customers.
Securing and preserving the private collection is something that occupies many collectors, regardless of the subject of the collection.

For those who are involved in the collection of objects, whether jewellery, watches, vehicles, artwork, paintings, carpets, relics, expensive drinks, expensive clothes, bags – shoes, antiques or any other rare item, their objects, against possible risks.

Indicative coverage in collection insurance:

  • Fire of any cause
  • Flood – weather phenomena
  • Theft – robbery
  • Terrorist/ malicious acts/ vandalism
  • Earthquake
  • Accidental damage
  • Damage during transfer

To whom it may concern:

Collection insurance is addressed to individuals who own private collections, exhibitors, art galleries, art shops, antique shops, museums, art clubs, etc, regardless of the subject matter of the collection.

Insurance provisions

• Collection insurance with large funds regardless of the type of collection
• Collection estimate to determine insurance fund
• Possibility of global collection insurance, even during transportation in other exhibition areas beyond the permanent location (exhibitions – museums etc.)
• Revaluation of purchase value of the collection

How the Premium Collection Insurance premium is calculated:

The premium for collection insurance depends on the total value of the collection, the premises where the collection is housed (ie home – museum – art boutique etc), the type of the collection, the total number of the collectible objects among other parameters such as: the material of the objects (ie glass – marble etc), the age, the fragility,  the security measures and the history of damages.

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Combination of collection insurance – Home insurance

You can combine the insurance of your collection against risks, with the full insurance of your home.
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