Premium Home Insurance


All residences are not the same, so they do not have the same needs. Certainly, however, all homes have the need to be properly and qualitatively insured for the possible arrival of a risk. Home insurance comes in addition to the protection measures a homeowner can take so that he and his family feel a sense of security for themselves and their property whether they are present or absent from their home.

For our more demanding customers, at Delta Insurance Consultants, we have created for you the Premium Class Insurance for your home, through our cooperation with large and reliable insurance companies in Greece and abroad.

Besides the basic coverings such as: fire – flood – explosion – lightning – smoke – terrorist actions – natural phenomena – building and content earthquake, an owner can cover the following:

Indicative Premium Covers:

  • Ability to pick up high-value housing·
  • Collection – jewelry – artwork insurance
  • Content Theft – Theft Damage
  • Possibility of pre-insurance inspection for exact insurance values
  • Covering the surrounding area and the garden
  • Relocation, removal, temporary residency and resettlement expenses
  • Losses when removing the insured content after an insured risk
  • Coverage of losses during the relocation after insured risk
  • Automatic coverage of newly acquired objects
  • Coverage of personal household items, visitors, relatives who need care
  • Accident coverage for home helpers
  • Covering business equipment inside a home
  • Coverage of house conversion costs after permanent the incapacity of the insured person or family member
  • Short circuit
  • Fall of aircraft or objects from them
  • Third party malicious acts
  • Breaking – Overflow – Leakage of pipelines or water, heating, air conditioning and drainage facilities
  • Damage to/ from shared pipelines or installations
  • Architect, engineer, public authorities reimbursement fees·
  • Coverage of outdoor facilities (swimming pools, courtyards, fencing, auxiliary buildings, etc.)
  • Upgrading home security measures after theft
  • Covering plants and trees
  • Garden machinery cover
  • Damage from pets
  • Loss of documents
  • Glass breakage, crystals, oxidation of mirrors
  • Electrical/ electronic equipment coverage
  • Third Party Liability for Material Damage/ Physical Damage
  • Hygienic cover
  •  Accidental Damage Coverage
  •  Coverage against any risk
  •  Coverage of psychological support expenses after covered risk
  •  Bicycle theft from enclosed space
  • Illegal use of credit card in case of theft
  • Covering of food in a refrigerator after a power failure due to a covered hazard or a sudden interruption by the power provider
  • Pet insurance after a covered risk
  • Under-protection (welfare)
  • Costs of a notary after the coming of a covered risk
  • Loss of rent
  • Sedimentation, landslide, elevation of the soil
  • A mortgage loan installment
  • Legal protection
  • Expenses for waste disposal due to damage
  • Covering non-residential items (eg garden furniture, gardening equipment, etc.)