Investment Plans


Depending on the profile of the prospective investor and his/ her financial capacity, we can study and propose an investment plan according to the needs and capabilities of each interested party.

Investing, as opposed to savings, because it involves the risk factor, allows for higher returns and profits compared to simple savings.

Stages of investment planning

  1. Analysis of the investment profile of the prospective investor – analysis of investment needs.
    At this stage, through a discussion with the prospective investor, we create the investment profile, analyze the time horizon of the investment and the amount of investment desired.
  2. Study the results of the first stage.
    The second step is the analysis of the results of the investment profile and the categorization of the investor, on the basis of which the investment proposal will be made.
  3. Presentation of the analysis of the investment proposal to the prospective investor.
    The third step is the presentation and analysis of the investment study, analysis of policy terms, calculation of invested capital at the maturity of the investment and possible early liquidations.
  4. Acceptance of an investment proposal by the investor.
    At this stage, the applicant for investment accepts the proposal and sends the investment application to the insurance company we have chosen.
  5. Acceptance – Issue of policy.
    At this stage, the company we have chosen to invest our money is processing the investment request and may ask for additional financial information for the prospective customer.
  6. Issue of a policy – Commencement of the investment.
    In this step, the Company accepts the application and issues a policy. Then the prospective investor will have to pay the installment of the money (premiums) agreed, lump-sum or fractional.
  7. Investment control.
    After the policy is issued, the investment is systematically checked. The investor may change if he wishes his investment plan and change strategy or even if he wishes to liquidate part of the investment if deemed necessary.

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