Jewelry Store Insurance


Jewelry stores are a very special category of businesses with a high risk, so we see many owners investing in shielding their business with technical means such as special handrails, bulletproof windows, entrance doors of a special bank class, security cameras, specialized alarms, security companies etc.

Jewelry store owners can feel safer about their business by insuring it with a specialized program of jewelry stores insurance.

What cover is offered with jewelry store insurance:
• Insurance of inventories and merchandise in case of loss or damage due to burglary and/or theft
• Insurance of goods inside and outside the safe in the event of breakage but within the insured premises of the company
• Coverage of window and display crashing
• Possibility of insuring objects in stock in case of loss or damage due to burglary and/or theft
• Possibility to insure shipments and transfers of jewelry in case of loss or damage outside the facility
• Possibility of insuring office furniture and shop equipment
• Possibility of transfer and shipping insurance worldwide, if declared
• Pricing based on jewelers block policy

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