Jewelry Store Insurance

Jewelry store insurance

Jewelry stores are a very special category of businesses, with high risk, which is why we see many owners invest in shielding their business with technical means such as special railings, bulletproof glass, entrance doors of special class type banks, security cameras, specialized co guard companies etc. Jewelry store owners can feel even more secure about their business by covering it with a specialized jewelry store insurance program.

Indicative coverage for jewelry store insurance:

  • Coverage of goods in case of loss or damage due to burglary/theft / robbery
  • Loss or damage as a result of fire, earthquake, lightning, aircraft or other flying objects or objects falling from them
  • Storm, flood, flood, overflow or leakage of pipes or water supply systems or impact from any vehicle, horse or other animal that does not belong to or is subject to the control of the insured or a member of the family or employee of the insured
  • Coverage of goods inside and outside the safe in case of burglary but inside the insured premises of the company
  • Cover breaking of shop windows – showcases
  • Possibility to insure shipments and transport of jewelry in case of loss or damage outside the premises
  • Possibility to insure office furniture and store equipment
  • Pricing based on jewelers block policy
  • Possibility to insure shipments and transports worldwide, if declared

Common Jewelry Insurance Terms:

  • Alarm system connected to a security company
  • Metal rails on shop windows
  • Alarm switch connected to a security company
  • Controlled entrance / exit
  • Approved safe ideally with time delay
  • Double glazed windows on showcases and a film in between, with a total thickness of at least 15 mm
  • Video recording cameras

Usually the insured items are:

  • Jewelry
  • Gold Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Coins
  • Silverware
  • Valuable metals
  • Precious stones

The insurance premiums are adjusted according to the insurance capital, the protection measures against theft – fire – flood etc. risks, the history of losses of the interested party etc. factors. At Delta Insurance Consultants we can study the insurance of your business whether it is a jewelry store, goldsmith, pawnshop, coin shop etc similar companies.

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