Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance Cover

Liability Insurance Cover is a very wide sector, especially in terms to third-party liability, which may arise during the practicing of a profession. Civil Liability or third party liability arises in case that someone causes by an act or omission due to negligence, bodily harm and/or material damage to a third party and is obliged to repair it.

Generally, the Liability Insurance sector covers claims of third parties for financial damages (material damages – bodily injuries) that may be suffered by negligence – acts – omissions of the insured. The Liability Insurance sector is divided into several sub-cases:

Professional Liability Insurance – Professional Indemnity Insurance (P.I)

The Professional Liability Insurance covers material damages – bodily injuries – financial losses of third parties from mistakes – omissions – errors that will occur during the exercise of the profession. No matter how well a professional does his job, there will always be unexpected and unpredictable situations. The most common categories that need to insure their professional liability/ professional indemnity are:

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Insurance Consultants/ brokers
  • Architects
  • Civil Engineers
  • Engineers
  • Pharmacists
  • Car Roadworthiness Test Centres
  • Accountants
  • Tax consultants
  • Certified Accountants
  • Hairdressers – beauty salons
  • Technicians
  • Network technicians

Employer Liability Insurance

Accidents at work always happen. Despite the employer’s efforts to reduce them, it is difficult to eliminate them. Employer Liability Insurance covers the statutory liability of the employer to his employees for claims arising from bodily injury/death that may be incurred during the performance of their duties, as well as financial compensation for non-pecuniary or mental damage. pain. (Articles 657, 658 – 932 of the Civil Code).

General Liability Insurance

With a General Liability insurance policy, a company is covered in terms of damages that will be done to third parties, such as bodily injuries and/or material damages. In addition, there are several categories that can be insured for Liability such as the following:

  • Office Liability
  • Medical office Liability
  • Apartment Building Managers Civil Liability
  • Elevator maintenance Liability
  • Civil Liability of Sports Centers – Gyms
  • Event organizers Liability
  • Tour Operator Liability
  • Exhibitors’ Liability
  • Pharmacy Liability
  • Hotel Liability
  • Catering Liability
  • Civil Liability of Gas Stations
  • Car service liability
  • Car parking Civil Liability
  • Civil Liability of Shared Areas
  • Department Store Civil Liability
  • Civil Liability for Execution Technical Works and Construction of Buildings
  • Civil Liability of Schools, Kindergartens
  • Liability of Rooms, Apartments, Hotels, Villas
  • Family liability
  • Civil Liability of Barbers – Hairdressers – Beauty salons
  • Civil Liability of Laundry – Dry Cleaning
  • Tools/ machinery Liability
  • Oil mill Liability
  • Liability of Wind / Photovoltaic Parks
  • Civil Liability of Light Signs, Banner
  • Camping Liability
  • Civil Liability of Theaters – Cinemas

Product Liability Insurance

The insured is liable to the consumers for bodily harm – material damage – death that they may suffer from the consumption or use of the defective product provided to them. Indicatively covers manufacturer and importer. Product Liability Insurance is addressed to companies that are active in the production and distribution of products, in Greece and/or abroad. It is a modern business tool, necessary for the action of every business in today’s reality. Furthermore, it provides benefits to the business such as insurance in the event of a claim for compensation from a third party, makes it competitive in the market in which it operates and the coverage limits are adapted to the needs of each business.

At Delta Insurance Consultants we study and suggest to you the appropriate Liability Insurance Cover plan depending on the object of your work or your business.

Directors and Officers Liability

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