Liability Insurance


The civil liability sector is a very broad branch, especially in regards to third party liability, which may arise during the exercise of a profession.More generally, civil liability covers third-party claims for financial loss (material damage – personal injuries) that may be caused by negligence – acts – omissions of the insured. The civil liability sector is divided into several sub-categories:

Professional Liability Insurance
Third party professional liability insurance covers material damage – personal injury – third party financial loss from mistakes – omissions – errors that may occur during the exercise of the profession. The most common categories that need insurance of their professional responsibility are:

• Doctors
• Lawyers
• Insurance Consultants
• Architects
• Civil Engineers
• Engineers
• Pharmacists
• Car Roadworthiness Test Centres
• Accountants
• Tax consultants
• Certified Public Accountants
• Hairdressers – beauty parlors
• Technicians
• Network technicians

Employer Liability Insurance
Employer’s civil liability insurance covers the statutory civil liability of the employer to his employees for claims arising out of personal injuries /death which may be incurred in the course of their duties, as well as financial compensation for moral damage or mental anguish. (Articles 657, 658-932 of the Civil Code).

General Civil Liability Insurance

  • Civil Liability of Offices
  • Civil Liability of Medical Offices
  • Civil Liability of Apartment Building Managers
  • Liability for Elevetors operation/maintenance
  • Urban Responsibility for Sports Centers – Gymnasiums
  • Civil Liability of Organizers
  • Exhibitors’ Civil Responsibility
  • Civil Liability of Pharmacies
  • Hotels Civil Liability
  • Civil Liability of Catering Rooms
  • Urban Responsibility of Fuel Stations
  • Civil Liability of Car Garages
  • Civil Liability of Car Stations
  • Civil Liability of Shared Areas
  • Civil Liability of Department Stores

Product Liability Insurance
It covers the civil liability of the insured to consumers for personal injuries – material damage – death that may be caused by the consumption or use of a defective product that he provided to them.

Liability Insurance of Members of a Board of Directors

For more information on insuring members of a Board of Directors: Click here.


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