Outpatient Insurance Plans


There is a well-known saying, that prevention is the best treatment. Many times, we hear that someone we know has prevented a serious health condition in the framework of an annual scheduled check-up. There are of course certain cases where a serious health condition, in which hospitalization or surgery eventually occurred, could have been avoided if it had been diagnosed earlier through preventive check up.

What can an out-patient plan policy covers:

  • Diagnostic examinations
  • Visits to doctors free of charge or with low contribution
  • Doctor visits at home
  • Immediate carrying out of diagnostic examinations
  • Special diagnostic tests
  • Annual Check Up
  • Pap test – gynecological examination
  • Prenatal check up
  • Specialized preventive test packages
  • Physiotherapy sessions
  • Blood sampling at home
  • Ophthalmological testing
  • Phone tips
  • Vaccination/ issuance of health certificates
  • Special dental care
  • Nutritional advice

How much does an outpatient plan policy cost?
The premiums for an outpatient diagnostic tests policy depend on the capital we choose to have per year for diagnostic examinations, the group of diagnostic centers that we can visit for examinations, whether there is a public insurance fund, etc. Indicatively, an outpatient plan policy starts at 70 € annually.

Can an outpatient plan be combined with a health insurance contract?
Primary care covers can either be integrated into a hospital contract or a contract on their own. For more information on hospital policies, click here.

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