Personal Accident Insurance


Accidents are an unpleasant situation in which anyone can find themselves at any time. For the safety of our physical integrity and the coverage of our family we can choose insurance that covers us in the event of an accident. There are hospital programs that cover accidents. Personal accident insurance programs because of an accident, cover the hospital expenses that the insured will have if he has an accident and visits a hospital.

Accident – related hospital plans are part of Health Insurance. The difference from a regular hospital plan is that they do not cover sickness, only accidents, and the premiums are significantly lower.

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In addition, there is the option of personal accident insurance. Accident Insurance reimburses medical expenses from an accident that will occur in the insured, outside (or even inside) the hospital. Personal accident coverage can be built-in, supplementary coverage in a hospital contract or the original contract.

What coverage is provided by accident insurance:

  • Drug purchase costs
  • Doctors’ fees
  • Diagnostic examinations
  • Consumables
  • Casts – Guardians
  • Elbow bellows – armpit crutches
  • Physiotherapy
  • Purchase and placement costs for prosthetic body parts
  • Costs of buying and installing corrective devices
  • Loss of life from an accident
  • Permanent total/partial disability due to an accident
  • Emergency transport costs

The premium for an accident insurance contract is related to:

  • Age of the insured person
  • The profession of the insured
  • Extra coverages needed beyond accident coverage
  • Insured limit
  • The contract will be stand-alone or part of a health insurance contract
  • The insurance company
  • The insurance plan
  • Preferable premium’s payment (monthly – quarterly – semi-annually – annually)

At Delta Insurance Consultants we have achieved cooperation with most insurance companies in health and accident insurance, thus we can provide you with the best insurance solution for your needs and wants.


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