Premium Car Insurance


For those who believe a car is not a simple transport means but a means of escaping from everyday life, a means of expressing diversity, a source of driving pleasure and joy, a luxurious way of transport, at Delta Insurance Consultants we have suitable proposals for the insurance of your own car.

To whom it may concern:
The Premium Insurance Class is addressed to all owners (individuals or companies) of luxury and special vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, sport cars, supercars, exotic cars, SUVs, or even armored vehicles, who are interested in the qualitative and complete insurance of their vehicle, by big and reliable insurance companies.

Indicative Covers:

  • Third Party Liability for Material Damage / Physical Damage
  • Total / Partial theft
  • Coverage of own damages (mixed policy)
  • Special benefits in case of partial damage to the vehicle
  • Fire
  • Cover for malicious or terrorist acts
  • Large amounts for crystal Breaking – sunroofs – panoramic glass roofs
  • Insurance at an agreed value
  • All-risk coverage
  • Risk coverage even outside of Greece
  • Direct response – road assistance priority
  • Replacement with a vehicle of similar specifications in case that the vehicle cannot be used temporarily
  • Special rates and combined discounts
  • Car rental in case of theft or fire of the vehicle
  • Replacement of child seats·
  • Coverage from an uninsured vehicle
  • Coverage in case of loss of driving ability due to injury
  • Replacement of loss or documents, such as identity card, driver’s license or passport
  • Driver’s personal accident cover
  • Covering necessary capital for modifications to the insured vehicle in the event of incapacity
  • Replacement of wheel rims
  • Coverage of personal effects
  • Vehicle piracy
  • Replacement of vehicle locks after an attempt of robbery
  • Legal protection
  • Cover from natural phenomena – hail
  • Possibility to insure a vehicle at the purchased price (for new cars)