Premium Health Insurance


The Premium Health Insurance Class has been created for those who do not compromise with their personal health insurance and that of their loved ones. The purpose of this category is to satisfy even our most demanding customers.

Undoubtedly, health is a driving force for all people, regardless of their financial capabilities, which is why many are looking for a more specialized insurance to cover their health or of their loved ones, with a large coverage limit in case of hospitalization from the first Euro, world coverage, more benefits compared to other health insurance policies, combination of primary – secondary – tertiary care.

Understanding the needs of those who need more specialized benefits in their health insurance and their loved ones, Delta Insurance Consultants has chosen the most premium coverage for you.

Indicative Premium Health Coverage:

  • Coverage limits starting at € 1,000,000
  • Global hospital coverage
  • Hospital care for room & food in a single nursing room
  • Direct payment of hospital expenses
  • Coverage of doctors -anesthesiologists fees
  • Exclusive nurse coverage / escort cover (children)
  • Treatment costs without hospitalization
  • Without participating in hospital expenses
  • Indemnity irrespective of the existence of a State insurance provider
  • Coverage of intensive care
  • Emergency / first aid coverage
  • Transfer to hospital with every available means of transport
  • Expenses before and after hospitalization
  • Coverage of rehabilitation/ physiotherapy expenses
  • In-Home Medical care
  • Cover or allowance of Childbirth
  • Diagnostic exams coverage
  • Preventive Annual Check Up
  • Dental coverage
  • High age limit of insurance
  • Coverage of congenital/previous diseases
  • Small waiting period – even immediate commencement of coverage by the payment of premium
  • Legal protection
  • Second Medical Opinion
  • Personal accident
  • Protection against permanent total / partial disability
  • Exemption from payment of insurance premium in case of incapacity
  • Financial Support in case of Serious Disease

To whom it may concern:
It is aimed at all, regardless of age and sex, those who are interested in having a large coverage limit in case of hospitalization without having to think whether or not there is a state body to cover part of the costs or to approve a hospital treatment abroad.  For those who want to have comfort and privacy in case of hospitalization. To those who want big and reliable insurance companies in Greece and abroad. To those who want to invest in their health insurance, rather than saving money for a difficult time of hospital treatment that will readily require a lot of money.

Can Greeks living abroad be insured?
Around the world coverage can be available, regardless of permanent residence. Coverage can be: Primary (outpatient coverage – diagnostic tests – visits to private doctors), Secondary (hospital coverage) and Tertiary (costs after hospitalization – home hospitalization, etc.)

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