Retirement Plans – Saving Plans


The issue of retirement and savings creates concern for the future for all those who work and are in productive age. In recent years in our country, with the rapid developments in the health and retirement sector, it has been proved that pensions cannot be paid but also the state imposes reductions and as a result, citizens cannot speculate in the present their future economic situation.
The issue of retirement is a dynamic and fluid matter that is constantly changing data, with the result that the state today cannot guarantee the pension that one will be entitled to receive tomorrow, despite the years he has worked and has paid the compulsory contributions to the state.

Honestly, how do you imagine your life at the time you will reach the age of retirement? How have you secured your everyday needs for living and your future?

On the subject of retirement, the private sector can complement the public, providing for you the financial comfort you wish to have at the time of your retirement. Through study and planning, we can calculate the minimum funds guaranteed by your fund (Social Security) and supplement them with a private retirement policy. In this way, we are making full use of our contributions to the public sector but, at the same time, we also secure a guaranteed retirement fund from an insurance company.

A retirement plan may concern everyone who is in productive age and wants to ensure their quality of life in the future.

  • Insurance companies still have a guaranteed return on pension and savings policies·
  • In addition to maintaining a fixed premium rate for all savings throughout the years, it is possible to automatically adjust annually to protect itself against inflation but also to secure more capital on expiry of the contract – for the same saving years
  • An insurance cover  may be added for exemption of further premium payments as protection in the event of permanent total disability of the insured person
  • Possibility of extra payments over the entire duration, other than the planned payments of premiums
  • Protection from ‘Hair – cut’ as it is an insurance product and not a bank deposit
  • Option to combine with other insurance coverage, such as disability-loss of income-serious illness
  • Option of transfer to beneficiaries in case of premature death of the insured, either during the savings or the disbursement
  • It is possible to choose the method of disbursing the guaranteed retirement amount, for 5-10-15-20-25 years, in lump sum or even a lifetime pension
  • Tax benefits for the insured, based on current legislation

Always through study and planning, we can find for you the ideal amount of savings so that you can get your guaranteed retirement amount at the end of your policy.

Savings can be made through periodic payments (installments) per month – quarter – semiannual  – annually or even lump sum.

There are companies that enable us to reduce the installment so that we do not have to stop and buy our contract prematurely in the event of failure to pay the premium installment.

Usually, the minimum that someone can save per month is at a premium installment of 30 €.