Retirement Plans – Saving Plans


The issue of Pension – Savings raises concerns for the future for all those who work and are of productive age. Rapid developments in the health and retirement sectors have shown the inability to pay pensions. State pension cuts create insecurity for citizens. As a result, citizens are unable to calculate their current financial abilities in the future. A solution to this uncertainty is retirement plans – saving plans with a private insurance company.

The topic of Pension – Savings, is a dynamic and fluid issue that is constantly changing data.

In the matter of retirement, the private sector can complement the public sector. It provides you with the financial comfort you wish you had at the time of your retirement. Through study and planning, we can calculate the minimum guaranteed funds guaranteed by the fund to which you belong (Public insurance institution). Then, we can supplement the fund with a private retirement plan. In this way, we manage to take full advantage of our contributions to the public sector. At the same time, we provide a guaranteed retirement amount from an insurance company.

Moreover, in private retirement, the person concerned has the opportunity to choose the retirement age. In public retirement, the age is constantly changing.
In addition, a private pension plan can be tailored to the needs of the potential insured. The insured can choose at what age the retirement will start and how it will be done (monthly, lump sum etc). Also, he determines the amount of pension he will receive, adjusting the premium he will pay accordingly. These features are key advantages of private retirement plans. These benefits make saving plans essential for all of us and set them apart from public pension schemes.

Another key benefit of private pension schemes is the right to redeem your savings contract. Is the right of the insured to receive money directly from his retirement plan, earlier than the predetermined expiration date of his contract. The redemption amount is adjusted depending on the years the contract is valid. Each insured person knows the redemption value of his contract based on a redemption value table that accompanies a contract. Also, some contracts allow for partial early redemption.

Additionally, the retirement process starts the month following the expiration of the contract, unlike the State, in which your retirement process can take up to 3 years.

There are many different private pension plans on the market that give you a choice between a one-time, monthly, yearly or lump sum payment option. In addition, the insured is asked to choose for how many years he wants to receive a pension, if he does not wish to receive them in a lump sum. Also, the insurance companies offer the possibility for the insured to combine their retirement plan with coverage of life insurance, disability, coverage of serious diseases, etc.

Moreover, some retirement plans – saving plans allow you to retire through an investment program. By choosing an investment program, one has the advantages already mentioned, as well as continuous information on the course of his invested funds, free choice of capital investment in the local and global market, possibility of extending the investment after the expiration of the insurance policy.

Honestly, how have you imagined your life when you were of retirement age? How have you secured your current daily needs for living and for tomorrow?

A retirement plan may concern everyone who is in productive age and wants to ensure their quality of life in the future.

  • Insurance companies still have a guaranteed return on pension and savings policies·
  • In addition to maintaining a fixed premium rate for all savings throughout the years, it is possible to automatically adjust annually to protect itself against inflation but also to secure more capital on expiry of the contract – for the same saving years
  • An insurance cover  may be added for exemption of further premium payments as protection in the event of permanent total disability of the insured person
  • Possibility of extra payments over the entire duration, other than the planned payments of premiums
  • Protection from ‘Hair – cut’ as it is an insurance product and not a bank deposit
  • Option to combine with other insurance coverage, such as disability-loss of income-serious illness
  • Option of transfer to beneficiaries in case of premature death of the insured, either during the savings or the disbursement
  • It is possible to choose the method of disbursing the guaranteed retirement amount, for 5-10-15-20-25 years, in lump sum or even a lifetime pension

Always through study and planning, we can find for you the ideal amount of savings so that you can get your guaranteed retirement amount at the end of your policy.

Savings can be made through periodic payments (installments) per month – quarter – semiannual  – annually or even lump sum.

There are companies that enable us to reduce the installment so that we do not have to stop and buy our contract prematurely in the event of failure to pay the premium installment.

Usually, the minimum premium that someone can save per month starts from 60€ (the premium calculation is with Ethniki Insurance – S77 plan).

At Delta Insurance Consultants we can help you find the right insurance plan for your Retirement – Savings, based on your needs, your financial capabilities and your future goals.