Technical Insurance (Construction)


In technical works insurance, we usually refer to “all-risk” policies which insure technical works of all kinds, whether under construction or project erection, demolition works, extension of an existing installation, etc. Such policy covers primarily what it is not explicitly excluded. Among other things, it covers incidental events, fire, theft, earthquake, general civil liability, employer’s liability, malicious acts, loss of profit, advance loss of profits (A.L.O.P), etc. The insured works can be private, public or public & private Partnership (PPP).

Categories of technical insurance depending on the type of project:

  • C.A.R – Contractors All Risks
    Covers works based on contract, factory equipment, mechanical equipment of the project –scaffolding-
    tools – prefab structures housing of personnel, construction materials, any costs of
    collecting ruins, civil liability, damages to existing property etc.,
  • E.A.R – Erection All Risks
    Covers damage mainly to the assembly works of steel structures, mechanical installations, independent
    machinery, production units etc.,
  • C.P.M – Contractors’ Plant and Machinery
    Covers damage to vehicles and mechanical equipment used on construction sites
  • CECR – Civil Engineering Completed Risks
    Covers damages to works after completion and up to their delivery
  • E.E.I – Electronic Equipment Insurance
    It covers damage to computer systems, electronic systems and installations monitoring systems, medical devices, telecommunication facilities, radio and television equipment, etc.

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