Travel Insurance


Travel insurance is addressed both to those who travel for business and to those who travel for pleasure in all parts of the world, even within Greece. At Delta Insurance Consultants, we can and provide worldwide travel insurance coverage to anyone – from anywhere in the world regardless of nationality – to any part of the world as well as we have the ability to issue an insurance policy immediately.

Indicative coverage with worldwide travel insurance:

  • Cancellation / discontinuing the trip
  • Refund of money prepaid for travel
  • Emergency Medical Expenses / Repatriation
  • Hospital expenses
  • Coverage of relatives’ expenses
  • Dental expenses
  • Personal accident/ loss of life/ permanent disability due to accident
  • Delay and/or loss of departure
  • Personal documents – passports – money
  • Personal Civil Liability
  • Legal fees – advice
  • Luggage delay
  • Loss of luggage and valuables
  • Provisions in case of robbery
  • Rental of accommodation
  • Coverage of hijacking/ piracy/ kidnapping
  • Equipment coverage
  • Coverage when transporting pets
  • Covering dangerous professional activities
  • Winter/ summer sports coverage
  • COVID 19 health coverage

How the premium is calculated:

The premium is calculated usually according to the duration of the trip, destination, purpose, age (usually ages 18 to 65 have the same premium), the risk of the profession and/or whether the insured person is going to deal with dangerous sports, and finally, the health status of the person concerned.

A travel coverage plan may cover one trip (single voyage  – from one destination to another), multiple trips (multi-trip), an unlimited number of trips for one year (annual travel insurance) or even trips with extended stay to a place (long stay).

Who may concern:

Travel insurance covers all those traveling for business or pleasure, against any difficulty they may encounter both during their journey and before its commencement.

What is the insurance process?

The insurance process is very easy and fast. Let us know about your trip and you will get a quick response about the premium of your travel insurance plan. Travel insurance starts immediately after the premium has been paid, whereupon your policy is issued and sent to you.

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