Bupa Global Health Insurance


Bupa Global Health Insurance is a leading UK international healthcare group, originally based in the United Kingdom. Bupa Global originally called the British United Provident Association but Bupa was never a provident association.

On 3 April 1947 Bupa was created having a founding purpose – ‘to prevent, relieve and cure sickness and ill-health of every kind’ – enshrined in their original constitution, combining a caring ethos with freedom of choice.

By July 1948 Bupa had 38,000 customers and an 80% share of the private health insurance market. For over 70 years Bupa has been driven by a passion to provide high quality, affordable healthcare and the purpose: helping people to live longer, healthier, happier lives. Today Bupa serves more than 32 million people across the globe and it is one of the most well know and acceptable international insurance companies in the world. Bupa provides global health insurance coverage, with 24/7 customer service in many languages. Additionally, provides access to a global network of health services for you and your beloved ones.

Why choose Bupa Global Health Insurance?

  • Provides freedom of choice when and where you will be treated, within the coverage area you have chosen
  • You do not need a referral to see a specialist
  • You have access to leading medical providers worldwide
  • Patient’s mental health coverage is included to the policy
  • You have the same level of coverage wherever you are, in your own country or abroad
  • Ability to submit and view compensation claims online on a special platform
  • Provides you with access to a team of inhouse doctors, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

International Health Insurance plans for coverage in the country of permanent residence and abroad

  • Immediate access to top doctors, consultants, and specialists without the need for a referral medical note
  • Coverage in world-class private hospitals
  • Providing a second medical opinion from leading specialists

Indicative coverage with Basic Hospital Care plan:

  • Hospital treatment (hospital expenses)
  • Doctor fees without sub-limit
  • Expert advice during your stay at the hospital
  • Treatment in a single/double room
  • Possibility of direct payment of medical expenses in contracted hospitals Worldwide
  • Second medical opinion after diagnosis of a serious illness
  • Telephone service 24/7 in various languages
  • Eligible Cancer treatment
  • Surgery
  • Dental treatment
  • Advanced medical imaging like CT and MRI scans
  • Prosthetic devices (artificial body parts)
  • Transplants
  • Mental/psychiatric treatment coverage
  • Medicines
  • Intensive Care / Intensive therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Parent accommodation
  • Exclusive nurse coverage (hospital/home after hospitalization)
  • Rehabilitation / recovery costs
  • Pregnancy / maternity / childbirth/ newborn coverage
  • Urgent transport by any road/ air
  • Advanced medical imaging e.g. CT and MRI scan
  • Coverage of pre-existing diseases (after underwriting)

Optional Supplementary Bupa Coverage – Global Health Insurance:

Worldwide Medical Plus

  • Maternity (after 24 months)
  • Newborn care
  • Physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic treatment
  • Psychiatrist and psychologist sessions
  • Speech therapy
  • X-rays and diagnostic tests
  • Dental treatment related to accidents
  • Increased coverage allowance
  • Increased cash benefits

Worldwide Medicines and Equipment

  • Prescription drugs
  • Rental of medical equipment, such as oxygen supplies and wheelchairs
  • Long-term prescription drugs for chronic conditions such as asthma

Worldwide Evacuation

  • Evacuation
  • Medical Repatriation
  • Travel expenses for an escort
  • Travel expenses for children under 18 years
  • Living allowance
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Compassionate visit
  • Accompanying living expenses

Worldwide Wellbeing

  • Complete health exams
  • Prostate and colon cancer test
  • Bone density scans
  • Visits to a dietitian
  • Vaccinations
  • Dental examinations
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Ophthalmological examinations
  • Eyeglasses and contact lenses
  • PAP test
  • Breast check

U.S. Cover

  • Medical care in USA – CANADA
  • Access to a network of quality hospitals and other treatment providers

Excess options (deductibles):

The excess options that the insured has in Bupa – Global Health Insurance are: 0 €, 300 €, 625 €, 1,250 €, 2,500 €, 6,250 €.

Bupa Global Health Insurance – Travel Insurance

To have Travel Insurance with Bupa Global is not necessary to have health insured in Bupa as well, you can have only Travel Insurance. Bupa Global allows the insured to choose between Single Trip insurance, which covers a trip for specific days (up to 365 days) with one destination, or Annual Multi-Trip insurance, which is annual insurance for many trips from each of which can last up to 1 month. Also, companies are given the opportunity to insure their employees for a certain number of days within a year, with the pre-purchase of these days and distribution according to the days that each trip lasts.

The coverage offered by Bupa Global Travel Insurance is divided into three parts:

1.Medical Cover (Medical Care)

These are the main coverages of the travel plan:

  • Hospital care
  • Outpatient care
  • Repatriation
  • Escort costs
  • No participation of the insured in expenses
  • Robbery and assault
  • Patient transportation costs to his country
  • Statutory arrangements in case of death
  • Medical Evacuation

2.Non – Medical Options (Additional Coverage):

  • Luggage Delay
  • Theft, Loss or Destruction of Luggage
  • Travel Delay
  • Theft of passport and/or money
  • Missed flight response
  • Daily Hospital Allowance
  • Legal Expenses
  • Hijacking
  • Employee Replacement

3.Trip Cancellation Options

  • Travel cancellation expenses in case of illness, accident or death

Bupa Global Health Insurance also covers COVID-19 in Travel Insurance, as opposed to the pandemic exception.

Finally, for the insureds already directly in Bupa, we have the possibility to undertake the service of your contract, upon approval by the insurance company, at no additional cost.